Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prosperities of Shame

On the loveless shell of the butterfly-lady I knocked again

The feeble wilderness trotted to the door

Wagging her tail she smelt my whiff

And touched the fresh rain on my forehead

The wagging needn’t stop

And it didn’t until she heard those silver chinks

Palms greased, love bloomed

Sights turned blinding with every burning swig

I lived my night in celebration of necessary infidelity

Sleep vanished, with desolate dreams whispering my name

I took the tired night train home

My steps faulty, my throat lurking about a torrid tune

I saw a moth sleeping in my bed

My fingers felt like claws

Outgrown in my heretic spree

I know that even my dingy smile,

My rebel-red eyes or my tearing claws

Will never move her one bit

She has seen all my cards, my claws, my shudders

And my shivers too

The cruel time has clipped her tender wings

Unmoved unconsoled understated

And in sleep sublime she lies

The monotony of my existence and mother of my child

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Masculine Monotony

Boredom has set sail into the ocean of time

The same face, the same birth-mark, the same flesh

The same fingers of the same lady tottering on my chest

Dancing to the same simmering silly melody

Sometimes, when waves break in my head, I loosen my stride

I rape I rinse I ride and in my leach-like superiority call it love

May be she loves it, may be she doesn’t. Who cares!

My forefathers have assured me this masculine liberty

She’ll have to bear this bondage for eternity now

She can’t have the luxury to choose, and she never will

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)

Monday, November 16, 2009

My War, Our War

Raise me again my mother

Bring me up in chains

Kiss my forehead one last time

Before I die in vain

Point those faces to me my mother

That bred this eternal unrest

When I come home sew my wounds

But send me back to our war fest

I will be born here again my mother

With the same innocent flame

Seeking in this wasted wilderness our unborn peace

We’ll dream together a dawn caressed by the breeze

This birth has spawned nothing mother

So I snatch what fancies my eyes

My dreams have never surpassed running water

And we’ve spent years of lies

Call me undead if you wish

Make sure we are completely slain

For we are living infestations

Forced to gnaw your home again

Your coffee-mug readers don’t speak our tongue

So you will never know our fate

But we will live forever

To pounce upon your plate

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Gaze

Peep into my jasmine gaze

In the shadow of my leftovers -

My stolen roses, my tinsel memories

And all those mindless days

Even the eagles of my desire

Wish the end of my ailing fatigue

My unmoved time sleeps like the princess

Who cried all night in satanic gloom

As I spend my cakes and sand dunes

In my rarest spite of passion

I know I’ll return to live yet again

Like a swordfish among whales

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Denial Meets Disgrace

A brown wilderness stares at me

The barren lady has nothing more to offer

Her parrots bark in the stale air

On that silent day we went inside

The lady lying disheveled on her wilting meadow

The pleasing velvet has peeled her skin

Her voices crave indifferent emotions

And her pale senses live me like death

I have bought pain with unnecessary silvers

An attack of conscience stifled my brain

The mythical love has just started fuming inside her

As she erupts to kill her empty pain

Holy pilgrim trapped within those dead walls

Eager to lay bare all that she’s learnt from her age

But to me the cynical submarine has resurfaced again

Youth unleashed at last from her broken livid page

That needless noon reared the children of negotiated parents

With spotless names they were born

Characters have turned usual metaphors

Denial has finally met disgrace

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bullish Blues


Repair my mercy with your silence

Shadow my mirage with your life

Etch my mistakes with teardrops

Bear my moments of selfishness


On a night like this flyovers gather to talk

Strangers shower murmurs in the wind

When we swim in needless numbers

Down comes rain and all we cared for all this time are dead again


You bore a thousand seeds, my land

You soothed a million listless hearts

You chanted the rainy night moon-song

Over your silent membranes I pull myself along


No competition, no virile joke

Neither I fathom them, nor do I reproach

I missed again my rising time

No one will know my undue shine


Crying will not help, sow again

As the lights rise from the grey hills

The rugged peaks waiting to be unhinged

From layers of stone growing within

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)