Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prosperities of Shame

On the loveless shell of the butterfly-lady I knocked again

The feeble wilderness trotted to the door

Wagging her tail she smelt my whiff

And touched the fresh rain on my forehead

The wagging needn’t stop

And it didn’t until she heard those silver chinks

Palms greased, love bloomed

Sights turned blinding with every burning swig

I lived my night in celebration of necessary infidelity

Sleep vanished, with desolate dreams whispering my name

I took the tired night train home

My steps faulty, my throat lurking about a torrid tune

I saw a moth sleeping in my bed

My fingers felt like claws

Outgrown in my heretic spree

I know that even my dingy smile,

My rebel-red eyes or my tearing claws

Will never move her one bit

She has seen all my cards, my claws, my shudders

And my shivers too

The cruel time has clipped her tender wings

Unmoved unconsoled understated

And in sleep sublime she lies

The monotony of my existence and mother of my child

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


  1. master shakespeare! think well!!

  2. Hello, thank you for your words. A bit of Joseph Fiennes in the comment section on a Sunday morning does make the heart glad. And you're quite an admirable writer yourself, sir.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. My writing has been called lots of things....but steady truth....hmmmm that one is a first of sorts! You have a neat blog too and I really like your blog header.

  4. I really like the way you've weaved some of your words. And yes, thank you for commenting on my old blog and being 'amused in pursuit'. :)

  5. Its brilliant!!!!!!
    Wonderful thought..........

  6. Good one, I liked it. Who made those paintings? Your writing seems to be inspired my an inner guilt. Is it really something that makes you think or is it the darkness of the backstage that still haunts you?

  7. Some-one still likes to uncover me... It's been almost a decade Shreyasi... It's time you move on/over... Nice to hear that you like my doodles here..

  8. You are most welcome. It was just my curiosity, and about me, I never stopped in my life. I accepted every phase as it came,with a smile.

  9. Thanx everyone... your words have been truly inspiring... seems like i should weave words for some more time... keep your feelings pouring in...

  10. Shock deowar moto koyekta shobdo-bindu chhoriye pore ache kobita jurey....'necessary infidelity','I saw a moth sleeping in my bed'...etc....naamtao besh joraalo...


  11. WOW...naked and's unwise to read the poet in the poem, I keep telling myself this.
    this is wonderful has inspired both thought and have used words and metaphors very well.

  12. the last line is a haunting one......


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