Monday, November 9, 2009

Bullish Blues


Repair my mercy with your silence

Shadow my mirage with your life

Etch my mistakes with teardrops

Bear my moments of selfishness


On a night like this flyovers gather to talk

Strangers shower murmurs in the wind

When we swim in needless numbers

Down comes rain and all we cared for all this time are dead again


You bore a thousand seeds, my land

You soothed a million listless hearts

You chanted the rainy night moon-song

Over your silent membranes I pull myself along


No competition, no virile joke

Neither I fathom them, nor do I reproach

I missed again my rising time

No one will know my undue shine


Crying will not help, sow again

As the lights rise from the grey hills

The rugged peaks waiting to be unhinged

From layers of stone growing within

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


  1. Here's wishing Manu all the best for his new journey. I know you will enjoy this adventure and get us all some great stuff to read.
    Get Going!!!!!!

  2. woww.. keep going.. will be a regular reader

  3. The series of poems r striking, the 5th one ends in a positive note nd the best of d lot.....wonder what will d stones breed !

  4. Baap re profile...koi bachao !!!!

  5. I don't know how a poem takes birth..but it must have come so wonderfully...
    catch what you really want to...
    these unknown paths to unknown fields may blossom in your poems....

  6. well, wat can i say after so many wonderful comments.... :)
    altogether, your poetry sounded matured, well organised abstracts was evident n last but not the least, good thought....

  7. This stuff of yours is so outstanding that it can even infuse life into the dead with all its vigour, charm and exuberance. After all, the thoughts are so well-founded and are so inspirational by nature that any dead soul on earth will be spurred to action no matter how insolent he might be!!!! Well done, buddy!!!! Keep this light glowing forever to guide the distraught ones to tread the path of success in all speres of activity. Keep up this good work of yours and kudos to you!!!!!!!!

  8. Eta bujhlam na...


  9. sinduk bhenge kanna churi gache, aynae tari awaj shona jae, fele dawa mati te jodi jonmae kono gachh, upre niye jabe tara eshe. beej bopon korbe re? ato boro sahosh kar? matha kete tar fele debe pukurer jole, jonmabar aj karo nei odhikar.


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