Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Denial Meets Disgrace

A brown wilderness stares at me

The barren lady has nothing more to offer

Her parrots bark in the stale air

On that silent day we went inside

The lady lying disheveled on her wilting meadow

The pleasing velvet has peeled her skin

Her voices crave indifferent emotions

And her pale senses live me like death

I have bought pain with unnecessary silvers

An attack of conscience stifled my brain

The mythical love has just started fuming inside her

As she erupts to kill her empty pain

Holy pilgrim trapped within those dead walls

Eager to lay bare all that she’s learnt from her age

But to me the cynical submarine has resurfaced again

Youth unleashed at last from her broken livid page

That needless noon reared the children of negotiated parents

With spotless names they were born

Characters have turned usual metaphors

Denial has finally met disgrace

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


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  3. brilliant thought beautifully expressed........its simply amazing.....keep on writing.......all d best........

  4. y one wants to live wid living sorrow?
    is dat gonna make u any good?
    or u find it better than living wid rigid happiness?

  5. Ok, This is one poem that is understood, But I'm amazed by the few symbols that u have used. Brown in the first stanza is the colour of decay and diosease , as in Joyce's short stories.The parrot barking in the stale air conveys the same sense of decay and disease, of a stiffled existence. The image of peeling of skin underlines the ageing woman whose pale senses are dead. Her "mythical love" erupts to kill her empty pain and lay bare her person/self. But the "cynical Submarine" in the persona peeps out like a peeping Tom to question. What breeds are the "children of Negotiated Parents" who are born when denial finally meets disgrace"....well conceived. Keep it up !

  6. what an awesome command you have on the language. I wish you very best for all your life...

    I thank your friend pooja for giving me link for this blog!


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