Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Gaze

Peep into my jasmine gaze

In the shadow of my leftovers -

My stolen roses, my tinsel memories

And all those mindless days

Even the eagles of my desire

Wish the end of my ailing fatigue

My unmoved time sleeps like the princess

Who cried all night in satanic gloom

As I spend my cakes and sand dunes

In my rarest spite of passion

I know I’ll return to live yet again

Like a swordfish among whales

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


  1. Yet another poem about aging...I liked best the image "in the shadow of my leftovers". Time past that has stopped moving, has been frozen in time but will return to live again in the present. Old age is a mockery of what had been and what it dreams to become !

  2. i liked them more than the ones written before. Good going............

    I know i'll return to live yet again,
    I will win all challenges and loose all pain,
    I'll smile, laugh, rock and be insane too
    And conquer the world more than I used to do

    cheers mate,

  3. its nice to read........which shows d true picture of life..........good going......

  4. "Like a swordfish among whales"
    vry well said!

  5. Ghyama ending ta hoyeche...


  6. Prithibir somosto dhongsher poro beche thaka jamon... nibhrito, jolonto, bhoshhibhuto, nishpap, pobitro ....


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