Sunday, November 22, 2009

Masculine Monotony

Boredom has set sail into the ocean of time

The same face, the same birth-mark, the same flesh

The same fingers of the same lady tottering on my chest

Dancing to the same simmering silly melody

Sometimes, when waves break in my head, I loosen my stride

I rape I rinse I ride and in my leach-like superiority call it love

May be she loves it, may be she doesn’t. Who cares!

My forefathers have assured me this masculine liberty

She’ll have to bear this bondage for eternity now

She can’t have the luxury to choose, and she never will

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


  1. The very first line is arresting...the "leach-like superiority" of the male forces upon the female what "masculine liberty" he has begotten from his "forefathers". Pictures r gripping nd well convey the sense. Well wrought, but where is the ending? U haven't put a stop at the end....will d female voice rise to claim the mad woman from the attic?

  2. It was good but the content was very crude.Somewhere it was very uncomfortable and unfair. May be that was your intention. But the thought is not acceptable to males and females of modern times, specially their culture, education and upbringing would stop them from doing(in case of males) and the females would definitely stop allowing things to be done in such a way.NOW girls can't be and aren't tied like this, specially by their husbands. the unfair days are gone.........

  3. are u highly influenced by kamala das? am too a feminist, but not so staunch.... i like the poem, but rather i felt somehow by the recurring of the very word "SAME" at its very iniciation, that the 'boredom has set sail' remarkedly for the dominant race.

  4. It’s good......but not as good as your previous poems. I am not agreeing with u.......I feel its very rude one. In modern society, we never think like this. Females are not born to keep themselves behind the curtain, to follow the rules that r only created for them by the Males. If Males do such inhumane tasks......Females definitely raise their voice..... and in my opinion Females r the strongest part of our community.......

  5. I'm writing again what I should have written earlier....what is important in this poem is the point of view. Though the poem is written from the point of view of d male it intends to satire, pity d male who thinks it his right to dominate on the female. The satire shud b marked, there's sarcasm in every line. And irony, d writer makes a clever use of irony...where he says, "she will have to bear this bondage...she can't have the luxury to choose, and she never will" suggests the rising of d other voice...that's y I said that d female voice wl rise to claim d mad woman from d attic.

  6. simple n nice!
    well u r talking abt ur circle...
    so u dnt know rules for other one.
    anyways poem is poem ...even though it is self-centered...

  7. Thanx for the review ppl. Really need ur constructive criticism to forge forward. I believe the portrait of male monotony was deliberately raw and revealing. But I've tried to break into a more real satire of what a man can and can't perceive. Life happens inways which are hardly rosy.

  8. Havoc hoyeche....shilper politically correct howar kono badhyobadhokota nei...ja mathay asche tai likhe egiye jaash bhai...



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