Sunday, December 13, 2009

Needy Sleep

Touch me now in my deepest sleep

When my dream falls from the crest 

In my conscious fancy I redeem and forsake life 

With your fingers meandering through my body 

I heal from within and all my malice perish 

I seek your wings and long for our sunrise 

Carry me to the boundaries of your passion, if there are any  

Force me into prayers that we left behind  

Seep into my pillow as gently as the morning dew  

Never let me go – stream life into my dismal dilemma 

Copyright BluEJoKe (2009)


  1. Beautiful poem, but i think d title cud hav been more poetic, its more obvious. Sleeping in itself is something very needful, but u speak of a sleep that's more of an indolence, an indulgence that weaves dreams, instill thoughts and take u to d fanciful heights of passion or as u say "stream life into my dismal dilemna". A sleep that streams life nd creates poetry is always sublime !!!! Well written.

  2. a nice romantic poem.......shows d Passion of Love......Well written....

  3. Beautiful composition...very calming...loved the lines 'I heal from within' and 'my dream falls from the crest'...

  4. Passionate composition.. Is the illustration on top yours as well??

  5. @ Patricia.... I wish I could draw... all the pics in this blog are collected.... thanx to Google Image search...

  6. You have some very thought provoking pieces in this blog. How very clever you are.

    It was so kind of you to visit my blog too-I really appreciate it! I will be back to see what your next creation is soon.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  7. Thank you for comment in my blog. You, also , write good poems! I'll come back again and read all these in my leisure.

  8. Shotti bolbo..? Eta amar totota bhalo laglo na....ISI te jei lekha gulo dekhiyechili othoba er aager lekha gulo porbar por ekta sthir expectation hoye gechilo j tor kobitaay at least ekta emon words er juxtaposition thakbe jeta kina bullet daagbe sidha bhejey mein...dhishkaao..(hoyto kono expectation niye kobita porte naama ta bhul...but still)....ei lekha ta kemon jeno cliche cliche thekeche...


  9. very poetic and deep too...enjoyed the read...thanks for visiting my blog...i will read more soon


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