Monday, January 11, 2010

The Kiss in Time

Piercing the life out of the glass window pane

The bottom-left of the skeletal four-square
It flew right in from the smoky outside

With a lazy swish and the music of broken glass

The ravaged wreck of a home shivered once more 

As the world outside, in all its astute wisdom, danced

The bloody foxtrot melted hearts and reared 

A final fall from an infatuation called peace

That which came in in mighty ferocity

Could well have been a sorry crumb

Painting life on hunger inside these usurped walls

But crumbs these days are hardly passed on

Lost in the crossfire of the life and death of power

What came inside was an uncharted splinter that

Kissed the year-old toddler in a fluky frivolous frenzy

The mother, already lifeless, hung on the couch

Her eyes, annoyed and unmoved, ogled the bed

The weeping infant was awake with hunger, 

And alarmed at her furious gaze he thanked the splinter

And thus ceased life within those needless walls

With this miracle of a God-sent kiss

Copyright BLueJoKE (2009)